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Reach The Most Qualified Software Engineering Candidates

What makes the quality of software engineers on the Crunchskills network so high? We focus on intermediate to advanced level content and post highly relevant topics on our network of sites. Not only will you appear on our job board for 6 months, but your specific position will be offerred in the header of relevant content specifically tailored to the type of job you want to fill. This applies not just on our site but also our many partner sites. This organically attracts developers who are

How many developers will see my job posting?

For every job post made, we will deliver 1 piece of relevant content that will drive the exact type of developers to view your job post. Typically these posts generate anywhere from 5,000 to 20,000 unique views, with 3% to 6% of those visitors viewing the related jobs board and potentially applying.
Get 150 - 1,200 interested developers looking at your job posting

What if I don't hire within the first month, and want to keep my ad running?

No problem! After your ad leaves our content network, your ad will keep running on our jobs board for up to 6 months with no extra charge.
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