Many moving to Deno will be surprised to find they can't simply bootstrap an express web server in Deno. But, Deno offers a similar (and much improved) web server that is equally simple to stand up. Because of this we introduced 🍦 tasty! - A simple routing framework to serve simple APIs and websites using Deno.

Example Code:

import { serve, Server } from "";
import { tasty } from '';

const s: Server = serve({ port: 8000 });

let router = new tasty.Router(s);

// Serve a static endpoint
router.on('/', (req) => {
    req.respond({ body: `Hello World!` })

// Serve a dynamic permalink
router.on('/:name', (req, query) => {
    req.respond({ body: `Hello ${query.get("name")}` })

Now run the simple web server with:

deno run --allow-net web.ts

Your now up and running with a hello world at http://localhost:8000 with an additional dynamic route at http://localhost:8000/YourName

Learn more on the official Github repository for tasty

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